21 November 2012

Maui 2011 - Afternoon dives.

Following the morning dives at Molokini Crater I did two relatively shallow dives at Jodo Reef and Mala Pier. Both just off shore from Lahaina. Jodo Reef is named because it sits off shore of the Jodo Mission. It was a nice little dive. The visibility wasn't outstanding on this day but not terribly bad either. A lot of schooling fish, hawksbill turtle and a rather large greenback turtle. My maximum depth for this dive was a whooping 36 feet. The water temperature was a sweet 80F degrees the entire time.

The dive description for Mala Pier, according to Lahaina Divers is, "Mala Warf is a fishing pier that was destroyed in 1992 by hurricane Iniki. The pylons of the pier and the platform lie scattered on the sea bed providing structure for the many species of fish. The pier has White Tip Reef Sharks, lots of schooling fish, Frogfish, Nudibranchs, and more." While I didn't see any sharks, frogfish, nudibranchs, I did see a lot of schooling fish, at least 3 more turtles (greenbacks?), including one that swam right over me and at least one eagle ray that kept circling us. There are a lot of interesting structures left from the collapse of the pier with quite a bit of growth. The visibility here was only about 30 feet on this day. Maximum depth was 28 feet and the temperature was 79F.

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