23 November 2011

Maui - 2010 Day 5 - Zip Lining

Day 5 started with a zipline tour at Flyin Hawaiian Zipline Tours.  Yes, it was a bit expensive but worth it.  Not any more then a two tank boat dive would cost.  The tour is about 4 hours long with 8 zip lines in length from 250 to 3600 feet.  As stated from their website, ". . . fly through the magnificent Hawaiian skies, where you'll cross 9 different valleys and 11 different ridges, all while gaining insight into Maui’s rich history and culture. Along the way, we will take time to plant rare, native Hawaiian plants as we zip through the incredible natural diversity that exists on Maui, ranging from the tropical rainforest to the desert and everything in between!"  What a blast.  The staff was great.  All the equipment looked to be very safe and secure.  The views are fantastic.

In the afternoon we found ourselves snorkeling at Honolua Bay.  Honolua is a short drive North of Ka'anapali.  It's quiet, a little secluded.  The land next to the bay is sort of a preserve owned by one of the locals.  The easiest way to get there is to park on the highway and walk down a dirt road through the preserve.  The owner is doing his best to keep everything natural.  He asks that you do not enter the water wearing sunscreen, gives a little lecture, might even ask for a donation but all in all I think he's cool. To see any good reef you have to swim out pretty far to the right.  Once there, it's fantastic.  I've been told that reef is also good off to the left but I don't know from personal experience.  I hear conditions can be rough but on this day it was great.  There may even be a few dive boats in the bay and this would be a great spot for a shore dive.  I've heard, upon asking, the owner of the land will let divers drive down the dirt road to unload and maybe even park there.  Donate a few bucks and keep this option open.  Just before the beach there is a wash you have to cross.  This may or may not have water in it.  When we entered it was dry but was flowing upon our exit.  I suspect water was coming down from a recent rain in the West Maui Mountains.  The last photo shows the wash behind me and the road leading out.

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