15 December 2008

Cozumel 2009 - Part III - Hotel & Dive Package

Ok we booked our dive package and hotel stay.

For diving we decided to go with Dive With Martin. I read an article in Scuba Diving magazine about Cozumel and there were about 4 operators at the end that they recommended. Dive With Martin was one of them. I looked at the others and we liked Dive With Martin's packages best. We chose a 3 day package of 2 dives per day and added 1 night dive. The whole deal came to $205.00. The package includes BC, mask, fins, snorkel and gauges. I have all that but my buddy does not.

While emailing with Paddi from Dive With Martin I mentioned we hadn't settled on a hotel yet and asked if they had any suggestions. They sent me a great list that answered all my questions. We were looking for something clean and nice, not to expensive, not to far from downtown San Miguel but far enough south that the dive operator would pick us up at the hotel dock (oh yeah a dock would be nice). We got all that at Hotel Cozumel. In fact it's ranked as a 4 star resort. $91.oo a night for the room split between the both of us.

03 December 2008

Cozumel 2009 - Part II - Plane Tickets

Oh yeah! My Cozumel trip is a little more secure. Clifford and I purchased our airline tickets. We have got to be the worst travel agents ever. We probably spent 2 hours talking to each other, on the phone, while trying to co-ordinate flights to Cozumel via the Internet. The trouble is that a) we are coming from two different parts of the US, b) we want the cheapest tickets but mostly c) airline schedules. No matter how we looked at it one of us was going to have either a long ass flight to some out of the way city or like a 20 hour layover somewhere.

Now during my last trip Christine and I landed in Cancun and rented a car but our hotel was along the mainland (Akumel). Clifford and I were trying to avoid having to take a bus from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and then a ferry to Cozumel by just flying directly to Cozumel, but that's exactly what we are going to have to do. It solved the long layover/long flight problem and saved us (at least me) a few hundred bucks on airfare. Some of that difference will be spent of shuttle service from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and ferry fair but it still comes up less then flying direct.

Next - Purchase hotel and dive package.