19 July 2008

Peppermint Mead #30

Peppermint Mead
(Birthday/Harvest Moon Mead)
# 30
1 gallon removed from the 3 gallons of #28.
September 24, 2007

Ingredients (Original 3 gallon Harvest Mead recipe) -

8 pounds of Twin Peaks Mountain Honey from Snoqualmie Valley Honey Farm in North Bend, WA purchased at the Pike Place Market.
Filtered tap water
Wyeast Laboratories 4184 Sweet Mead Yeast in the smack pack
Wyeast Labs Dry Mead yeast in the smack pack

1 5/8 teaspoon Superfood

1 teaspoon DAP

Additives included after the 3 gallons were divided –

11 oz honey

Dried Peppermint l
eaves – About 1 cup
20 oz filtered tap water

Specific Gravity –
OG – 1.104 or 13 ½%
October 3, 2007 - 1.068 or 9 ½%
Late December – 1.048 or 6%
February 9, 2008 – 0.996 or -1% After racking and adding 11oz of honey and peppermint tea – 1.010 or 2%
July 14th, 2008 – 1.021 or 2 ½ % before racking and adding 12 oz of filtered tap water.
I think we’re looking at about 10% alcohol here. 11% before the addition of the 12 oz water.

Process –On the night of Sunday the 23rd I sterilized all the equipment and chilled 2 gallons of filtered tap water. At 09:45 on Monday the 24th I activated the smack pack of yeast. At 13:30 I noticed the smack pack was swelling nicely and so I started boiled 1 gallon of filtered tap water for 10 minutes. I removed this from the heat and added the 8 pounds of honey, 1 - 1/8th teaspoon of Superfood, 3/4th teaspoon DAP and brought the temperature back up to 160 degrees F for 10 minutes more. I then poured 1 gallon of the chilled water into the 3 gallon carboy with the must and enough chilled water from the second gallon of chilled water to top it off. This left my must at still over 100 degrees F so into the refrigerator it went. About 18:30 the temperature finally cooled down to about 78 degrees F so I pitched the yeast. It took 36 hours for an active fermentation. Just the amount of time Wyeast Labs web site says this strain can take up to. The lag time always scares me.On September 29th, active fermentation, I added ½ teaspoon of Superfood and ¼ teaspoon of DAP.On October 6th, I added ¼ teaspoon of Superfood and ¼ teaspoon of DAP.Somewhere around 8% the fermentation slowed to a crawl. After Christmas vacation I took another reading and the gravity was 6% or 1.048.On January 20th I added some Wyeast Labs Dry Mead yeast and fermentation resumed within hours.February 9, 2008. This mead has now been split into 3 – 1 gallon meads. A plain mead, Lavender and Peppermint. The process for the Peppermint mead will continue here. The Plain Mead will stay #28 and the Lavender #29. The dry mead yeast worked well and the gravity was -1% or 0.996. A tea made with about ½ cup of dried peppermint and 8oz of hot water was poured into a 1 gallon carboy. 11 oz of honey was added and enough of the mead to make up the full gallon. The new gravity after these additives is 2% or 1.010. The taste is ok but more peppermint will probably need to be added. I taste little to none now. Maybe steeped in the carboy. July 14th, 2008. Racked and topped off carboy with 12 oz filtered tap water. Good flavor. Peppermint hits you after you swallow. I am steeping 6 more tea bags of peppermint in the carboy. Should be excellent. Will probably add some acids.

Peppermint mead update.

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  1. Very Nice! I really have to give peppermint mead a try!