24 August 2007

Flower Garden

I haven't done much blogging lately. Not to much is going on. Mostly I've been just working. But I do spend about 20 minutes or so each day on out balcony, much of it watering and admiring out flowers. When we moved in it was so drab out there and I missed having a yard so I started planting things. On our humble 5 - 1/2 by 12 foot balcony we now have a wonderful little flower garden including but not limited to - Mammoth Sunflowers (now about 8 feet tall and about to bloom), multi-headed sunflowers, Dwarf Sunflowers, Fragrant Petunia and Alyssum, Bachelor Button (Cornflower), Coreopsis Tinctoria, Painted Daisy, African Daisies (from seed my parents gave me), Mint, Rosemary, Geraniums, Zinnia, spider plants, Sweet Pea (although planted to late and they may not get to bloom), some unknown succulents (also from my parents), and even a small Sago Palm which is growing 2 new fronds. It's buzzing with activity such as little butterflies, bees of all sorts, moths at night, even a dragon fly today. I let the spiders make their webs in the flowers until they stretch one out across the deck, then I throw him over the side onto the trees. There were several lady bugs for a few weeks but I haven't seen them lately. I've got a humming bird feeder but, unlike in Arizona, I only saw one once a few months ago. I also tease my wife that we have garden Gnomes which tend to the flowers. She thinks Gnomes are brats and that we should get rid of them but she is basing this of her Harry Potter books. What do they know?

17 August 2007


Christine and I love to travel. Well, right after we moved back to Seattle we bought a little Condo. Then we took a trip to the Yucatan. Or was it the other way around? Oh well it doesn't matter. The point is that we spent more then we should have in doing both of those things and now we are taking a little time playing catch up. Bear in mind we are in no way poor, destitute, or broke but we want to pay off some things before we plan anymore big travel plans. Well today I was on the bus listening to my I Pod and a certain song hit home by Jethro Tull. It's kind of about re-learning to enjoy life at home. Here are the lyrics -

Jethro Tull - Inside Lyrics

All the places I've been make it hard to begin

To enjoy life again on the inside,

But I mean to.

Take a walk around the block

And be glad that Ive got me some time

To be in from the outside,

And inside with you.

I'm sitting on the corner feeling glad.

Got no money coming in but I cant be sad.

That was the best cup of coffee I ever had.

And I won't worry about a thing

Because we've got it made,

Here on the inside, outside so far away.

And we'll laugh and we'll sing

Get someone to bring our friends here

For tea in the evening --

Old Jeffrey makes three.

Take a walk in the park,

Does the wind in the dark

Sound like music to you?

Well I'm thinking it does to me.

Can you cook, can you sew --

Well, I don't want to know.

That is not what you need on the inside,

To make the time go.

Counting lambs, counting sheep

We will fall into sleep

And we awake to a new day of living

And loving you so.