12 February 2007

Mexico/Yucatan Trip

We are back. It was a great trip. We saw the ruins, we swam the seas, we shopped the shops and ate the food. The weather was good. About 85 degrees, humid. Most days were partly cloudy. The first few days were real windy so open water dive conditions weren't that good. Most every day it rained at some point during the day but then the sun would come out. Our rental car really came in handy. We were about 45 minutes drive south from Playa del Carmen. Eric and I did 7 dives. 3 of Akumal (where our hotel were), 2 in Cozumel, and 2 cenote. We visited
the ruins of Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum. I've got a ton of photos and posts to do about our trip but no time to do it right now so here's just a few pics to keep you going. I'll post more tomorrow when I have the day off.

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