20 June 2006

San Carlos Dive Trip

On the weekend of May 26th I had the chance to take a little dive trip with some new friends down to San Carlos, Mexico. Well, we picked the wrong weekend. All I've been hearing about San Carlos diving is that the visibility is never less then 40 feet and sometimes up to 100! Well some strange currents moved in and made the water temperature just right for a big algae bloom. Our first dive you could only see about 3-4 feet. I spent most of the time just trying to keep track of my dive buddy. The second day was a little better with a vis of about 10 - 15 feet. We were trying to take a boat out to San Pedro island where it was supposed to be good but the seas were so ruff that it would have taken us 3 hours to get there. About 1/2 of us got sea sick. The last day I picked up some good drugs for sea sickness, and was the best diving with a vis of about 15 - 20 feet. Not really good by any standards. It was like diving in Puget Sound again. I will recommend Gary's Dive Shop if you ever go down there though. On the bright side I went down with some good people, had a nice hotel room, got to try out my underwater camera housing (though no real good pictures in that murk) finished my Advanced Underwater diving class, and also got certified to use Enriched Air/Nitrox. Scuba photos of San Carlos as well as others here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/neutralbuoyancy/sets/72157594446978102/

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