29 June 2006

1969 Beetle

I've owned a car for 10 years. A 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. I love this little car. I can't drive in this car more then 10 miles with out someone checking it out. Most of the time it's little kids or older folk (volk). Everyone knows someone who had a beetle or they had one themselves. But there's no air conditioning, which is pretty rough down here in the desert. And it's a lot of work. You got to check and adjust those valves at least every other oil change. It's an old engine. Fairly reliable, but sometimes things do break down. The good thing is, for the most part, you can fix those problems yourself. And even when it must to go to the mechanic it usually cost very little. And I haven't had a car payment in the last 10 years. Being the same age as me it's sometimes more like a sibling then a car. It has it's own personality, of sorts. Over the years Christine and I have tried to give it several names but none of them ever stuck. Well the time has come for me and my little car to part our ways. It's up for sale. We won't really need to cars in our family in Seattle and I'm not even sure I will have a place up there to even work on it. I feel really bad. Like I'm sort of betraying the car. I think to myself, "I'm going to sell this car to someone and they are just gonna wreck it in 6 months." But I have to look at it for what it really is. It's just a machine. Still, I'm going to miss it.

28 June 2006


So I had 3 great days in Seattle. I know how green is is there but it's still a shock after living back here in the desert for 2 years. It's like a freaking paradise. The weather was great, almost to hot, the whole time I was there. Sunday was pretty much just a party day. My friends dragged me out to Seattle Center where the gay pride parade just marched to. At right, dancing in the fountain, is Randy, Marge, myself in the back, Jeff and Shelly. From there we proceeded to a gay pride block party on Capital Hill. Monday was my job interview. Got the job. Tuesday was find an apartment. Found one. And wednesday, relax and fly back. So everything is going according to plan. Yes, yes, everything . . . hoo hoo ha hah ha! Now I just need to pack up my whole life by the 13th so I can move it all up there by the 15th and start work on the 19th. Sheesh. On top of that I hope to sell my car before leaving. We'll only need one car up there. And hopefully our house sells soon!

25 June 2006

Phoenix Airport

It's 7am & I'm sitting in Phoenix waiting for my plane to Seattle. We lived there and are trying to move back. I have 3 days to find an apt. and interview for a job before flying back to AZ.

22 June 2006

Scuba T-Shirts

For those of you divers that want everyone to know your passion, finally some tastefull t-shirts. I haven't actually purchased one of these to see how well they are made, and I don't know if you need an obsession with scuba to appreciate them, but I sure do like some of the designs.

21 June 2006

Naked Scuba Diving

I found this article in Yvon Marier's blog - Easy Traveling. It appears that it was first published here - http://www.getscubadiving.com/naked-scuba-diving.html. It's worth the read. All about, you guessed it, Naked Scuba Diving. What to watch out for when doing it (Yikes!) and places where you can go to do such a thing.

20 June 2006

Lake Pleasant II (DPV's)

Sunday, June 11, 2006
Well got 2 more dives in again. Same lake, same crummy vis. Scary part is I almost like it. I hooked up with the same buddy as last week and Justin brought some Dive Propulsion Vehicles (DPV's) for us to play around with. So that was cool. They (DPV's) would be really nice in clear vis. After the DPV dive my buddy had to take an advanced open water student down below 60 feet for his deep dive. I wanted to see what was at the bottom of this lake so I tagged along. At 72 feet that lake is freaking COLD! I'd have to say around 55 - 60 degrees. Not a place to wear a 3mm wet suit. So we basically dropped down for like 2 seconds and left. Back at 25 feet the water felt like a hot tub.

Lake Pleasant

Monday, June 05, 2006
Lake Pleasant (not so pleasant)
So saturday I ran into my dive instructor/friend Justin in the Sport Chalet. He said that they are up at the lake (lake Pleasant) every sunday teaching classes and if I ever wanted to go just let him know and he would throw in some extra gear for me to use, at no charge. I said cool, I'll be there tomorrow. Downside- GAH! Vis in the lake was worse then San Carlos. Only 5-15 feet. Mostly around 8. Only a few fish (of notable size). Junk/beer cans.
Upside- Got to hang out with Justin & Terra again. Got some more downtime. All this low visibility should be helping me improve my buddy awareness and nav skills. When I finally get back to the Carribean/Hawaii it's going to be like heaven on earth.

San Carlos Dive Trip

On the weekend of May 26th I had the chance to take a little dive trip with some new friends down to San Carlos, Mexico. Well, we picked the wrong weekend. All I've been hearing about San Carlos diving is that the visibility is never less then 40 feet and sometimes up to 100! Well some strange currents moved in and made the water temperature just right for a big algae bloom. Our first dive you could only see about 3-4 feet. I spent most of the time just trying to keep track of my dive buddy. The second day was a little better with a vis of about 10 - 15 feet. We were trying to take a boat out to San Pedro island where it was supposed to be good but the seas were so ruff that it would have taken us 3 hours to get there. About 1/2 of us got sea sick. The last day I picked up some good drugs for sea sickness, and was the best diving with a vis of about 15 - 20 feet. Not really good by any standards. It was like diving in Puget Sound again. I will recommend Gary's Dive Shop if you ever go down there though. On the bright side I went down with some good people, had a nice hotel room, got to try out my underwater camera housing (though no real good pictures in that murk) finished my Advanced Underwater diving class, and also got certified to use Enriched Air/Nitrox. Scuba photos of San Carlos as well as others here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/neutralbuoyancy/sets/72157594446978102/

Rest . . .

Rest is good for the blood.